Monday, March 23, 2009

Update from Muskat: Vizcaino in

Via her newest Inbox, Cubs writer Carrie Muskat is reporting that Luis Vizcaino is indeed a lock for the bullpen; I've updated the "In N' Out" feature with Luis' name in bold. Writes Muskat:

The relievers who are set include Gregg, Marmol, Neal Cotts, Heilman, Vizcaino and most likely Gaudin. I'm guessing Patton and Jeff Samardzija are competing for that final spot.

So Carrie has my "first three out" as her "last two in." She does give Jason Waddell some press as well, however:

Waddell does not have options left and would give the Cubs another lefty.

For the sake of cohesion, I'm going to post the options discussion separately. In the meantime, let's stick to the facts: Luis Vizcaino appears a lock for the 2009 Cubs bullpen.

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