Monday, March 2, 2009

An admittedly small sample size, but...

Through the Cubs' first five games of Spring Training, the results are pretty alright for fans of the BAM! method.

Given the small number of at bats each player has had, as well as the varied quality of pitching faced at this stage, we shouldn't read too much into the numbers. However, I give you the following slashes:

Mike Fontenot - .417/.462/1.000 (that's right - Mike's got a base for every at-bat)
Aaron Miles - .222/.300/.222

Mike's got two doubles, a triple (!), and a home run.

Aaron's got two singles. Cute.

If the everyday starting spot at 2nd base is indeed a job to be won, then at this point, Mike's gotta be WAY out in front.

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