Friday, May 15, 2009

Checking in on Kosuke

If you've seen any stat from Kosuke Fukudome's 2008, it's his average splits. Every month, Kosuke got fewer and fewer hits.

Fukudome had a torrid April, in which he just absolutely knocked the cover off the ball. How's May going so far in comparison?

April: .338/.461/.592
May: .343/.465/.486

In a word: good.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Milwaukee Loves Pittsburgh

How did the Brewers all of a sudden pass the Cubs in the NL Central standings?

Hint: the current headline at their website is, "Brewers win 17th in a row over Bucs."

Answer: Scheduling, son!

Sure, they managed to snag a couple of road series wins along the way, most notably a three-gamer in Philadelphia. But those series wins weren't nearly as helpful as the five Ws the Brewers got from playing the league's worst team.

Remind you of anyone? Like, say the Cubs from April 2008? We had a record that was something like six games above .500, if I'm not mistaken--and had gone 6-0 against the Pirates in the month.

Milwaukee sucks. We're gonna torch them after a couple more months of good baseball.

Bring on the Pirates!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gathright = useless.

Joey Gathright is about as useful as a poopy-flavored lollipop.

Soto is almost certainly hurting.

And Derrek Lee will have better numbers than James Loney this year.

That is all.