Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do we already know the line-up?

With word today at Cubs.com saying Kosuke Fukudome will hit 2nd in the Cubs lineup for 2009, I'm starting to get the feeling that Lou has a 1-8 in mind already.

Lou seems pretty intent on making the most of the balance this new Cub team has. Based on everything Lou's said about the line-up so far, I'm pretty sure we'll see something like this on Opening Day against Roy Oswalt (2008 slash lines in parenths):

1. Soriano (.280/.344/.542)
2. Fukudome (.257/.359/.379)
3. Lee (.291/.361/.462)
4. Bradley (.321/.436/.563)
5. Ramirez (.289/.380/.518)
6. Fontenot (.305/.395/.514)
7. Soto (.285/.364/.504)
8. Theriot (.307/.387/.359)
9. Zambrano (.337/.337/.554)

I mean, really, I'm fine with that.

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