Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SCGTTA, Part 2

Another awful outing from Chad Gaudin.

Chad managed to give up 2 runs in just one inning of work today. This guy is making every effort at getting himself off the major league roster before Opening Day.

In other news, Kevin Hart threw a perfect inning that included 2 strikeouts. At this point, I would say Hart is ahead of Gaudin on the depth chart for the bullpen.

From this point on, let's call 9 spots on the pitching staff locks: the four definite starters, Marshall and Heilman, Marmol and Gregg, and Neal Cotts.

After today, my "last three in" would be: Kevin Hart, David Patton, and Luis Vizcaino.


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  1. Yeah I was at the game and Gaudin got rocked before he finally recorded some outs. What do you think about Waddell? Even though he was only in AA last year he has been one of our few solid LHP this spring. As for Paul Bako and So Taguchi, whenever they come up I cringe and just hope for walks.