Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick update: "last six in"

Things have been slow at the blog, but it should pick up this week.

At the very least, I expect announcements on 1) the backup catching spot and 2) Lou's preferred closer very soon.

However, as March winds down, we've still got six spots to fill on the 25-man roster.

I wrote an article for the Bleacher Report that was much more in-depth than this blog post, so if you need a little more convincing on why things are how they are, take a look.

For the sake of freshness, though, I've added a short list to the right side of the blog that mirrors the way college basketball analysts handle the "bubble" as the tournament field is decided upon.

I've got a "last three in" and "first three out," for both hitters and pitchers. If you agree and/or disagree with my assessment, please feel free to say so.


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