Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forgot Fox?

Either the Sun-Times forgot to mention him, or Chad Fox is out of the running for the bullpen.

In a Twitter update today, the Sun-Times (@cst_cubs) says the last 'pen spots will be given to two of four Cub pitchers: Jeff Samardzija, Angel Guzman, Chad Gaudin, and David Patton.

It seems almost certain that Jeff will go to Triple A, and the Cubs are basically left with one decision: which of Guzman, Gaudin, and Patton do the Cubs want to give up?

I'm thinking Guzman is gone. Wonder if Hendry can get anything for him.

Perhaps the Rockies would accept Guzman for the rights to Patton, so he could be stashed in the minors in the case that he's not quite ready for the majors.

Should the Cubs take that trade, Guzman for Patton?

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