Saturday, April 4, 2009

Have we been wrong?

It'll be a tough decision after today.

Patton, Guzman, and Gaudin each threw a scoreless inning. Patton saw a bit of trouble in his; Guzman and Gaudin were perfect, with a strikeout each.

It makes you wonder. Certainly, Patton's been good, and Gaudin's been awful.

But who cares?

Spring games are meaningless tune-ups. Lilly and Harden each got destroyed in New York this weekend. Is it particularly encouraging? Not exactly. But do I think either pitcher will be absolutely worthless this year? No.

The fact is, David Patton has never pitched above A-ball. While Gaudin has been massively hittable, he's had success at the major league level. You can't ignore that, even though I have been doing so for the past month.

Today, after successful outings from both Guzman and Gaudin, I'm going to submit my final prediction before the roster is announced this weekend.

I think David Patton will be sent back to his team, and Guzman and Gaudin will be on the 25-man roster to start the season.


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